We have quite an extensive library with books, video cassettes and dvd's. These are available for loan by members of the. Video cassettes are old technology and we hope to transfer them onto disc in the near future.

Book Title


400 Full Size Mini Clock Patterns Rick & Karen Longabaugh
A Scource Book of Shapes John Hunnex
Advanced Routing The Art of Wodworking
Balsa Wood Projects Thorsteinn Kristinsson
Bandsaw Bisics Mark & Gene Duginske
Carving on Turning Chris Pye
Complete Wood Finishing Ian Hosker
Complete Woodworkers Manual Albert Jackson
Contempoary Turned Wood Leier, Peters& Wallace
Creative Woodcarving Various
Decorative Tech for Woodturners (x2) Hilary Bowen
Decorative Turned Wood Liz & Mick O`Donnell
Encyclopedia of Wood The Art of Wodworking
Getting the Best from your Scroll Saw Don Geary
Glossary of Wood Thomas Corkhill
Green Woodwork Mike Abbot
Guide to Wood David Johnson
Illustrated Woodturning Techniques (x3) John Hunnex
Intermediate Woodturning Projects Hugh Johnson
Machines for better Woodworking Gordon Stokes
Making & Modifying Machines Fine Woodworkers
Making Heirloom Boxes Peter Lloyd
Making Little Boxes John Benett
Outdoor Stonework Mike lawrence
Pleaseure & Profit From Woodturning (x3) Reg Sherwin
Portable Power Tools The Art of Wodworking
Practical Design for Woodturning Roland Seale
Practical Tips for Woodturners GMC Publications
Router Jigs & Techniques Patrick Spielman
Routing & Shaping The Art of Wodworking
Routing a Workshop Hanbook Anthony Bailey
Scource Book of Shapes John Hunnex
Scroll Saw Pattern Book Patrick & Patricia Spielman
Scroll Saw Puzzle Patterns Patrick  Spielman
Sharpening Jim Kingshott
Sharpening Tools & Setting up Shop The Best of Woodcarving
The Bandsaw Book Lonnie Bird
The Complete Woodworking Course Chris Simpson
The Crafsman Woodturner Peter Child
The Fundamentals of Woodturning Mike Darlow
The Guilding Kit Glenn McDean
The Practice of Woodturning Mike Darlow
The Woodturner`s Workbook (x2) Ray Key
The Workbench Book Scott Landis
Tools and Shops Fine Woodworking
Turn a Bowl Ernie Conovea
Turned Bowl Design Richard Raffan
Turned Wood Projects ?
Turning Bowls Richard Raffan
Turning Projects (x2) Richard Raffan
Turning Wooden Toys Terry Lawrence
Water cooled Grinding &Sharpening of Edge Tools ?
Wonders in Wood Assoc. of Woodturners
Wood (x2) ?
Wood Clock Patterns Joyce Novak
Wood Finishing The Art of Woodworking
Woodcarving Wilard Bondhus
Wooden Puzzles & Games Kenneth Wells
Wooden Toys & Crafts The Art of Woodworking
Woodturning The Art of Woodworking
Woodturning Vincent Gilbert & Josep Lopez
Woodturning & Design Ray Key
Woodturning (A Fresh Approach) (x2) Robert Chapman
Woodturning (Manual of Techniques) Hugh O`Neill
Woodturning (Various Items) Guild of Master Caftsman
Woodturning a Foundation Course (x2) Keith Rowley
Woodturning a Scource Book of Shapes JohnHunnex
Woodturning Aa Foundation Course Keith Rowley
Woodturning and Design Ray Key
Woodturning aScource Book of Shapes John Hunex
Woodturning for Pleasure Gordon Stokes
Woodturning Masterclass (x2) Tony Boase
Woodturning Notes (x2) Alan Batty
Woodturning Projects Keith Rowley
Woodturning Step by Step David Register
Woodturning Wizardry David Springett
Woodturning(Two in one Manual) Phil Irons
Woodworking Machines (x2) The Art of Wodworking

DVD Title


All Glued Up Sue Harker
Artists Colours Jo Sonja
Back to Basics Jimmy Clewes
Back to Basics Jimmy Clewes
Boxes Goblets& Screwthreads Dennis White
Classic Profiles (Vol 5) Dennis White
Decorating Elf Hery Taylor
Finishing and Colouring Mark Raby
Fruit Turning Masterclass No 2 Andy Lodge
Getting Started With the Scroll Saw Roger Buse
Half Size Hat Andrew Hall
Natural Edged Bowl in Laburnum Alex Mutch
Novelties & Projects (Vol 4) Dennis White
Professional Hints Tips, & Tricks Andy Lodge
Professional Turning for all No1 Mick Hanbury
Professional Turning for all No2 Mick Hanbury
Screwples John Berkeley
Sharpening Turning & Carving Tools Jim Kingshott
Special Effects in Home Painting Jimmy Watts
Specialist Tools Robert Sorby
Specialist Tools Part 1 Robert Sorby
Specialist Tools Part 2 Robert Sorby
Starting Turning Robert Sorby
Swamp Trees  
Teaching Woodturning - Between Centres Dennis White
The Lighthouse Puzzle John Berkeley
The New-New Castle Money Box Puzzle John Berkley
The Trend Routing System Trend
The Turning Workshop Reg Slack &Roy Sutton
The Zulu Box , Barrel & Ball Puzzle John Berkeley
Turn it On (Vol 1) Jimmy Clewes
Turn it On (Vol 2) Jimmy Clewes
Turn it On (Vol 3) Jimmy Clewes
Turn it Up (Vol 1) Jimmy Clewes
Turn it Up (Vol 2) Jimmy Clewes
Turn it Up (Vol 3) Jimmy Clewes
Turnaround Jimmy Clewes
Turning Between Centres (Vol 1) Dennis White
Turning Bowls (Vol 2) Dennis White
Turning the World (Vol 1) Jimmy Clewes
Turning the World (Vol 2) Jimmy Clewes
Turning the World (Vol 3) Jimmy Clewes
Turning Wood Richard Raffan
Turning Wood (Wall Clock) Alan Holtham
Twists & Advance Turning (Vol 6) Dennis White
Wet Turning Stuart Mortimer
Wet Turning with a Difference Stuart Mortimer
Woodturning - A Craftsmans Guide Mark Baker
Woodturning - A Foundation Course Keith Rowley
Woodturning a Foundation Course Keith Rowley
Woodturnng Minatures Reg Slack &Roy Sutton